MLConsultants Profile


MLConsultants, is a boutique accounting/consulting firm which strives to lead and support the implementation of management system for the 21st century.

Our objective is to offer exceptional services that satisfy our clients by exceeding clients’ expectations.

We expect to contribute to our clients’ sound business growth by offering quality and timely financial and accounting services as needed and only what is needed.


Masato Ukaji (CPA)

March 1985: Keio University, B.A. in Business Commerce
1988 – 1994: Arthur Andersen, Tokyo and London Offices
1994 – 1998: PEPSICO INC., Japan Branch, Controller
1998 – 1999: CISCO Systems, Japan , Accounting Manager
1999 – 2000: Arthur Andersen, Tokyo Office, Manager
2000 – 2001: Neoteny Co., Ltd., Chief Financial Officer
May 2001 – : Established MLConsultants Inc.

Libby Masaye Ukaji (U.S. CPA, California)

Graduate of University of California, Berkeley (B.A.), and San Francisco State University (MBA), has extensive international business experience working for Arthur Andersen’s Tokyo Office, and for Esprit Retail Japan and Nike Japan as Accounting and Finance manager.


MLConsultants Inc.

Registered Head Office:
1-3-35 Shinohara-kita, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama JAPAN 222-0021


Phone: 045-430-3401 (in Japan) or 81-45-430-3401 (from outside Japan)

Fax: 045-430-3406 (in Japan) or 81-45-430-3406 (from outside Japan)

Accounting Services

Financial Statement Review:
Do you sometimes feel that while your accounting operations are running normally, you are not quite sure if your financial statements are being prepared correctly or if there are any specific problems you should be aware of? This is exactly where we can help you.

We will not only translate the meaning underlying the numbers in the financial statements, but at the same time we will pinpoint the areas you should be worried about or focusing on (different from audit).

Financial Statement Translation:
Are there times when you need to submit a report or a statement to your foreign investors in a rush, but you do not have enough time to prepare one.

In cases like these, we will quickly assist you in increasing your accountability level by translating them into bilingual statements, in whatever format you require.

Accounting ASP Promotion and Implementation:
If you have just started up a company and although you do not feel the need to hire an accounting staff just yet, are your daily receipts and invoices piling up and getting out of control?

This is where we can help you. If you can access our home page, you can easily input the data either by yourself or we can input the data for you. Either way, you can review your accounting data and check your financial status at a glance through the web. Through Web-based accounting, we will assist your various accounting needs.

Financial Consulting

Business Plan/Budget Support:
Do you sometimes wish that you can easily put all of the great ideas and plans into a business plan format? If you are able to access our home page, we will make it possible to do just that by using our business plan manual.

We will also assist in preparing budgets and directly support you in preparing all the details associated with the preparation.

There are various ways to raise capital in Japan, through issuance of new shares or bonds, obtaining bank loans, as well as getting Japanese governmental subsidy and funds.

We offer through our home page, access to database that can give you the necessary information to assist you in finding the appropriate funding method and we will also assist in the preparation of the necessary application forms.

Cashflow Analysis:
The objective of Cashflow management (=financial control) is how to return effectively and efficiently as much as possible.

We will recommend and support the implementation of improving cashflow by focusing on each of the respective business processes, such as obtaining capital funding, capital investing, purchasing, R&D, manufacturing, marketing, sales and cash collection.

Management Consulting

Monthly Management Reporting:
Although you know that your monthly financial statements are important and an indispensable analyzing tool for your business, your statements may not serve its purpose because by the time the statements are completed for the previous month, it may be time for you to work on the next month’s statements.

If so, we will be able to give you recommendations on where the inefficiencies are and at the same time to support your operations to become more efficient.

Business Process Establishment:
Setting up sound internal control system and business processes is vital to any new business or organization.

We support introduction and implementation using best practices, such as setting up appropriate revenue, purchasing, and authorization processes and systems to best fit your company needs, and enabling your company to have clear accountabilities.

Business Process Re-Engineering and Improvement:
Although your daily operations are running smoothly, do you feel there is room to become more efficient in your operations and improve your transparency, especially if you are preparing to go public? As business expands, transactions become diverse and complex, making it necessary to modify current processes, which may be outdated.

We will support and assist you in introducing new and advanced business processes and management systems.

Other Services

M&A Advisory:
We will perform financial statement review and investigation as part of Due Diligence for Pre and/or Post M&A.

Interpreting/Translation Services:
Bilingual (English/Japanese) interpreting/translation services are available.